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How do I create an account?

To access trainings on the LTV LMS, you will need to create your own account.

Begin this process by clicking Get Started and following these simple instructions:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video at the top of the Get Started page
  2. Scroll down and review the Steps to Get Started
  3. Click Create My Account and fill out the account creation form

If you are creating an account and do not have an email address, please understand the following: 

  • You can leave the email field blank in the account creation form
  • You will be required to provide your phone number instead
  • You will miss out on any important training-related emails that come from the LTV LMS
  • You will not be able to reset your own password if you lose it; you will need to contact technical support ( for assistance

If you need any assistance creating your account, please contact

What do I do if I don't have an email address?

While email addresses are technically not required to create an account on the LTV LMS, they are encouraged. 

Benefits of creating an account with your email address: 

  • Receive important updates and communications from the LTV LMS from training coordinators 
  • Receive confirmations of successful training registrations and completions that serve as a “receipt” of your participation 
  • Ability to utilize the simple ‘Lost Password’ process to reset your password if you forget it 
  • Receive reminder emails about upcoming trainings 
  • Receive other general LTV LMS updates 

Creating an email address is free and easy – feel free to create yours today here: 

If you do not have an email address and are opposed to creating one, you can fill in the account creation form and leave the email field blank. You will, however, be required to enter your phone number. 

How do I log in?

The two methods for logging in are: 

  1. Clicking the Log in button in the menu (top-right) anywhere on the LTV LMS and entering your email/user name and password 
  2. Clicking Register for a training and selecting the top option I already have an LTV account – Sign in and entering your email/user name and password

If you need any assistance logging in, please contact

How do I reset my password?

If you created your account without an email address, you will NOT be able to reset your password unless you contact technical support at 

If you have lost your password, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Access the Log in screen (see How to Login) and click “Lost Password”
  2. Enter your Username or Email* (the username or email assigned to the account you created on the LTV LMS) 
  3. Check your email address for a password reset link (if you do not see it in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder) 
  4. Click the link in the password reset link 
  5. Enter a new password and click to submit 
  6. Sign in to your account with your newly set password 

If you need any assistance with resetting your password, please contact


How can I register for trainings?

Registering for an online (self-directed, in-person, or webinar training requires the following:

  • You have your own unique account already created on the LTV LMS
  • You are logged in to this account (see How to Login)

To register for a training, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Locate the training you would like to take
  2. Click the green button Register which will open the registration form
  3. If this is your first time registering for a training: ensure the entire form is filled in and click Register
  4. If you have registered for other trainings already: ensure that the information that automatically fills itself in is up-to-date. If not, make any needed changes. Then, click Register
  5. If you are registering for an in-person training or a webinar, you may be asked to provide a Signature (a Signature box will appear during the registration process); simply use your finger, stylus, trackpad or mouse to “sign” your name in the white box. If you have any questions or need assistance, there are support options within the signature pop-up. 

After registering, you should receive a confirmation email (if your account was created with your email address).

If you are registering for an in-person course or a webinar, please record any important details such as date, time, and location of the event.

You can review the details of any trainings you are registered for in your User Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking My Dashboard in the upper-right of your screen (must be logged in).


If you need any assistance with registering for a training, please contact

Where do I access my certificate?

If you participated in an online training that has an available certificate, you can access it at any time through one of the following two ways: 

  1. Navigate to the course page where you registered for the training. Below the green button in the upper-right, there will be a yellow Certificate button. Click here to open your certificate; you can save and print. 
  2. Click My Dashboard in the upper-right of your screen (must be logged in) to open your dashboard. Click Certificates to open a table of your completed trainings. To open a certificate for a specific course, click the certificate icon next to the name of the course. If no icon appears, there is not a certificate for the training you completed and you will need to contact Ladders to Value. 

If you need any assistance with accessing your certificates, please contact

Still having trouble?

Contact Health WorkForce New York support team for technical assistance. You may fill out the form below, or call us at (800) 516-9693.