Western – The GEMS: Brain Change Model

The GEMS® model recognizes the dynamic nature of the human brain and its abilities. Unlike other cognitive models, it acknowledges that everyone’s abilities can change in a moment. Modifying environments, situations, interactions, and expectations will create either supportive positive opportunities or result in distress and a sense of failure. Just as gemstones need different settings and care to show their best characteristics, so do people. Rather than focusing on a person’s loss when there is brain change, seeing individuals as precious, unique, and capable encourages a care partnership and is the core of this model. Providing supportive settings for everyone, including care providers, allows them to use what they have to be their best. The GEMS® advocate that everyone living with brain change when given the opportunity will shine.

– Teepa Snow and Positive Approach® to Care Team



Participants will learn and understand:

Using Gemstones as a reference for each of the various stages of dementia helps define the characteristics of the individual and the care needed to ensure the best quality of life.

Using Specific Case examples will help to identify the residents/clients you are working with and understand what their current abilities are and how to provide meaningful and purposeful care.

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