Positive Approach to Care (Webinar)

This course is based in the philosophy of Teepa Snow. Participants build new knowledge and skills into habits for the competence and integrated into habits for competence and integrated practice for working with those suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The three workshops address Norman Aging/Not Normal Aging, Positive Physical Approach and Hand Under Hand, and Teepa’s GEMS™.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Direct care workers in nursing facilities and home care.


Discover more about the behavioral symptoms and learn techniques to help prevent and cope with them.

Learn care partnering strategies such as “Hand under Hand™” and “Positive Physical Approach™” which will help you connect with as well as comfort

Learn how to respond to a person’s change in cognition in a way that is not hurtful or offensive.

Understand that common reactions to a person living with dementia can become thoughtful responses that improve everyone’s quality of life.

This workshop will help you make positive connections and learn that it is all in your approach. You will better understand the challenging behaviors and recognize unmet needs

This class showcases the philosophy of Teepa Snow, a world renowned dementia care specialist and her techniques which will help you connect with as well as comfort a person living with dementia.

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